Npm start does not start app - nodemon just hangs


I’m just getting going, and I’ve installed the packages with ‘npm install’ and updated my .env file. However, when I try to start the app with ‘npm start’, I see the first logs up to:

nodemon -L ./index.js

At that point, it just sits. There’s no error message, and it is inaccessible on port 5000. I checked, and I don’t have anything on port 5000. I’m able to contact my Atlas cluster. I’m not sure what else could be preventing it from moving forward with starting up the app. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t have a specific solution, but maybe run npm audit and make sure node.js is up to date?

Huh, it looks like restarting my computer helped. Thank you for your suggestion!

Glad you got this sorted out @Kathryn_63420!