Npm install error- error C1083: not open include file: 'setimmediate.h'

Hi Everyone,
I have this error while trying to hit npm install, Did anyone face such a problem and could help me please?
Thanks in advance.
D:\1- courses\MongoDB for Javascript developers\mflix-js\node_modules\weak-napi\src\,10): error C1083: not open include file: ‘setimmediate.h’: No such file or directory [D:\1- courses\MongoDB for Javascript developers ix-js\node_modules\weak-napi\build\weakref.vcxproj]

PS. my OS is Window 10, npm- v is 6.12.0

Hi @Omnia_Kahla_98423,

This is a known error, you don’t need to worry. Just run npm start and lets see what it shows.


Hi @kanikasingla,
This is the output of npm start.

Thank you.

Hi @kanikasingla
I have updated the file extension of “dotenv_win” to .env, also I have updated the URI, and the same error occurs as in the last screen shot.

Hi @kanikasingla,
I have tried if the connection is working as per the attached screenshot.

Hi all,
Please help me configuring the problem as I cannot run any test case.

Hi All,
I found the problem, It was a mistake I changed the file extension manually to .env. Now everything is working. Thanks a lot.

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Thats perfect! Let me know if you have further issues.