Npm Install error and Npm Start Cannot find module


I need help I have 02 errors.

  1. I am getting this error after completing “npm install” statement:

error code EINTEGRITY
error Verification failed while extracting handlebars@4.0.14: 10159
error Verification failed while extracting handlebars@4.0.14:
error sha512-RhmTekP+FZL+XNhwS1Wf+bTTZpdLougwt5pcgA1tuz6Jcx0fpH/7z0qd71RKnZHBCxIRBHfBOnio4gViPemNzA== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-RhmTekP+FZL+XNhwS1Wf+bTTZpdLougwt5pcgA1tuz6Jcx0fpH/7z0qd71RKnZHBCxIRBHfBOnio4gViPemNzA== but got sha512-E7tDoyAA8ilZIV3xDJgl18sX3M8xB9/fMw8+mfW4msLW8jlX97bAnWgT3pmaNXuvzIEgSBMnAHfuXsB2hdzfow==. (596920 bytes)

  1. The other situation is after npm start in the console is informed:
    Cannot find module ‘babel-core/register’

The operating system is Windows and the commands were run as administrator.

Can anyone help??

Hi @Fabii_08776,

Please take a look at the following post:

Let me know if you are still facing issue.



It’s work!! Thanks.:grinning::grinning:

After deleting lock file and running npm install again, I still ran into this problem with certain programs that want to run from c:<directory name of package>\package.js crucial packages like nodemon and jest (testing framework) I could start mflix with running nodemon directly in mflix folder, but not with npm start, when testing started, it continued to mention that C:… path.

What fixed it for me was to delete that lock file again and run yarn I am running win 10 enviroment and used Chocolatey package installer from Microsoft: choco install yarn to install Yarn on my machine, you can look other methods up with google or similar search engine.

Also make sure to use teachers handout for the project as git is outdated, will make your test fail. (thank you kanikasingla for that clarification)

Another unrelated hint : Also I recommend looking at .env file, specifically at what database it wants to read, compare it to what you have with compass i.e. sample_mflix vs. mflix