[NOTICE] Please do not post potential answers in the forums


Please do not post potential answers in the forums, we should give all the students the opportunity to solve the labs themselves.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

José Carlos


I think we could use the

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option. And only that concerns an optional labs
Don’t we? Because I’d like to discuss some solutions of optional labs

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I agree. It’s a good option as long as only optional lab solutions are posted.

José Carlos

Jose Carlos,

I’m having an issue with the first lab in chapter 2. I’m not sure how to ask where I’m going wrong without posting the query I have. Is it possible to send the query to you directly for some guidance?



I’m trying to get started with Atlas, but I get a certificate error or the url that appears to be an ip address indicates it is invalid. Can you advise?

Please make a new post for this topic. Posting to this thread really won’t help as the topic of the thread is – as you see – about not posting solutions or code in the Forum. Thanks.