Not sure if I am properly connected to the sandbox

After I copy:
mongo “mongodb+srv://” --username m001-student
from “Run your connections string in your command line”, image bellow:

and run the command in the terminal i get the following output:

Am I properly connected?

I tried running this command directly from the terminal, not the Mongo bash, and getting the same message.

Instead of seeing “sandbox” i see: MongoDB Enterprise milan001-shard-0:PRIMARY>


–UPDATE: I continued with the chapter and all seems to be fine. Moving forward.

You’re getting that error because you’re using the m001-student ID. If you create a user, that error will go away.

Need to set your user privileges to admin not just Read/Write Access; but other then that yeah it’s fine, if you look under the line:

MongoDB shell version v4.1.9

You can see what service you are connecting to, the port, the MongoDB Shards, and other connection options.