Not authorized on video to execute command

I try to create a new collection “moviesScratch” on movies DB, but i receive this error message

not authorized on video to execute command { create: “moviesScratch”, readConcern: { afterClusterTime: Timestamp(1548032402, 1) }, $clusterTime: { clusterTime: Timestamp(1548032402, 1), signature: { hash: BinData(0, 05C246B8AEB03FFD413E256AF09DF20682AAD82B), keyId: 6595588990781358081 } }, lsid: { id: UUID(“4c7bf0e1-bf57-44bd-854d-2daa0dcb3cbe”) }, $db: “video” }

Could you help me please !!


Hi all
I run the mongo command but the issue is the same!

You can read/write collections or documents in your personal Atlas database. The one on which you’re trying to create is a Public database accessible to all of us students and I believe we only have Read permissions.

I don’t know how far you are into the course but you’ll get to create your free personal Atlas cluster soon. Over there you can create your own collections. Hope this helps.

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Hi Yash,
Thanks for your feedback.

It’s done.

Glad to be of help :slight_smile: