Not all values are displayed


I would like to add a filter on my dashboard, but I would like to avoid typing the selected value because the filtered value is a string on which the user can easily make mistakes, especially since he does not know all of them possible values.

Actually the filter shows some values and terminate by “Not all values are displayed”, inviting the user to manually type the data.
filter don't show all values

I didn’t find how to assume this in the doc, except manually setting it :frowning:

Explicit spelling is definitively not a good idea for a string, isn’t it possible to show a multiselect combo ?
Otherwise is there a workaround for that or an approach I should have ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The string filter cards only show a maximum of 20 values. One other option you could try is to create a table chart that shows all the possible values, and use Interactive Filtering to use the table to filter your other charts.


Good idea this interactive filtering… but it seems a table has no influence on other charts.

Make sure you set this option on the table.