Not Able to Understand M220JS Ticket: Paging

I am not able to understand the Ticket: Paging, what is expected of me to do, I tried to put skip() and limit() methods it cursor variable but nothing’s working, also tried to put skip() method in displayCursor variable even that is not working, am I expected to only write queries or change the javascript code??

Ok, I got it now, I was able to change the code as intended it causes a lot confusion when i have to read the whole code to understand what’s happening when i am at the beginner phase, I am not posting the answer here, the tests have all passed but i am getting the error Paging: Did not receive the proper response when paging by text, do you know what causing the error

yeah, i have solved it like the way you have explained, i have also got the result code in the status page, i don’t why it was not working, i didn’t do anything different i just refereshed the page again so it worked, but mainly i was confused because there was a lot of code i was looking at, i read it carefully then i understood, i had to modify the displayCursor variable.

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