Not able to see schema view of my docs :(

Schema view option is not visible , pls help !
Here is a screenshot

Please install Stable version.


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is there any way to convert community version to stable version , because if i install stable version my pc’s space will increase because i will have community and stable both installed in my pc

Pls let me know

There is no way! :frowning:

You can uninstall Community version if it is just for the course. Otherwise, let me know if I can help.


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M-DB compass stable version is not installing , when i am clicking install , its giving this popup and it ends but its not installed

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After installing compass installer as you have done, There will be a new folder in the Program files named MongoDB Compass Installer

You can find the installer there :grinning:

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do we need to download 1.17.0 stable or 1.17.0 community edition stable please help
I am not able to see schema section in 1.17.0 stable

Hi @Mukesh_01159,

You need to download 1.17.0 (stable) version of Compass. Please make sure that you have chosen correct Operating System in the Platforms dropdown menu. You can refer to the following screenshot:

Please ensure that you have followed all the instructions mentioned in Lab 1.1 Install Compass and Connect correctly.

You can also try restarting compass. If you still cannot see the Schema tab, please send the screenshot of any database.collection like the one attached below:


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now its working thanks