Not able to install MongoDB

I have downloaded Compass software 1.17.0(Stable), But I am not able to install in spite of having the required ports opened and necessary admin rights on my laptop. After double click on the installation file, nothing is being installed. Could you please assist me in this regard.


What does rt click–>properties on the file show?
Is it downloaded fully? Size etc
Instead of double click did you try run as admin ete.Some error you should see
Did you check under programs-Mongo if already installed
File should show something like this under downloads(mine is older version)


01/08/2019 11:09 PM 166,135,352 mongodb-compass-1.16.3-win32-x64.exe

I am unable to install Mongo DB in windows 10. I downloaded the file(its downloaded successfully) and tried to install using double click and right click install but no success(there is no option as “Run as admin”). Anyone can help me to resolve this.

You should be able to see this when you rt click on compass.exe