Not able to find the results database on M001

Not able to find the results database on M001, i have to complete the below quiz, with results database,
In the M001 class Atlas cluster you will find a database added just for this week of the course. It is called results. Within this database you will find two collections: surveys and scores. Documents in the results.surveys collection have the following schema.

Which cluster did you connect to? And which cluster does the exercise tell you to find the collection in?

The two clusters we use in M103 are vastly different, though some datasets may seem similar.

Hi Senthilnathan_87816,

When you connect to our Atlas cluster (, you will see database results, look at the screenshot below:

For help in connecting to our Atlas cluster of M001, check here.


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Thank you, i am able to connect.

I see no results look my post above