Not able to find air_alliances collection

I am not able to find the air_alliances collection from the sample data load as a result not able to continue with the $lookup lab exercises


Can you post a screenshot of show collections to see what’s being loaded?

Hi Santiago,

Please find the screenshot. Appreciate your help.

Either you posted your issue in the wrong forum (M121) or you are looking at the wrong cluster and/or database.

The database sample_mflix is for the M220 series of courses.

For the course M121 the database to use is aggregations.

Since you are looking for the collection air_alliances, M121 is the appropriate forum. It means you are not connected to the appropriate cluster. Please revise the initial lessons where the connection string to use is mentioned.

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mongo "mongodb://,," --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl -u m121 -p aggregations --norc

In this course, you connect to a cluster already set up for you, with mostly read privileges over one database (aggregations), and the collections they work with are movies, air_alliances, etc etc.

But I also recommend to go back and review the first lessons :slight_smile:


@Santiago_Miranda Thank you, I will go through the first chapter of aggregation again.

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