Not able to connect to mongo after setting configuration file

I updated the configuration file to use port 27000 and added IP to the bindIp but after lunching as “mongod --config /etc/mongod.conf” or “mongod -f /etc/mongod.conf” nothing happening and I am not able to connect to mongo and it is still somehow trying to connect to 27017 port

Command to use config file:


Config File:
Mongo output:

Please suggest what can be wrong here.


Just and update, after i revert the port to 27017 I am able to connect to mongodb
File update:


Please suggest what went wrong when the config file was changed.

mongo -p is not correct
It should be mongo --port

I think it ignored the port number you gave and tried to connect to default port 27017

You can try again
Kill all mongod instances
modify the cfg file with port 27000
start the mongod
then connect
mongo --port 27000

Hi Ramachandra,
Thank you for the response, works fine, looks like I was using wrong syntax.