Not able to connect to cluster through IDE

I am not able to connect to database through ide.

Screenshot of the issues will help us help you.

Please start a new thread with screenshot of the issues.

Hi @Mansi_Singh,

I have moved your posts to a new thread.

Please share a screenshot of the error message that you are getting.

~ Shubham

It is working from them now.

Good day @ everyone,

I’m currently having the same issue.
Attached is a screenshot of my error!

Post a screenshot of the command you ran to connect.

Notepad is not command interpreter.

You have to enter your command in the IDE.

Used notepad so the text can be readable for you.
Though i was using the text editor thinking it was my terminal…
Ran the command in the terminal tab and it succeeded but prompt a warning that my mongodb shell version is different from my server version…

Check in your connection string you have to replace with with your current database

Thank you for your help. Resolved