Not able to connect Sandbox cluster

I’ve whitelisted my own and the following IPs:

> Are you sure that the m001-student user has been created with the given password?

m001-student-mongodb-basics was the one provided by the course, quite like the ones found in the video lectures.

Is there any other place I can check this, please? Or have another one in the case this one mentioned above is wrong?!

Thank you in advance for your gentle attention.

You should check in the Atlas cluster configuration. Either the user name is wrong or the password.

Hi @Marcelo_Rayel,

You can type the password in the console but it doesn’t appear on the screen for security reasons.

As Steeve mentioned, most likely you are entering incorrect username or password.

I would recommend you to delete the existing user and create a new one with the same credentials.

Also, don’t add the username after

mongo “mongodb+srv://” -u m001-student -p m001-mongodb-basics

~ Shubham