Not able to access IDE space fully

Hi team, I am not able to access the IDE space provided in the course fully.

I can see the half of the part of it. The terminal window and Run Test button is not visible/accessible, that’s why I am facing the issue while practicing. Help me if we have any solution.

Zoom your screen using F11 and set it at 80-90%
CTL+/- or middle mouse button also helps
If you are stuck anywhere search our forum threads.You will get some tips/clues

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Does this look like a similar problem? I find it hard to believe this could be a blocker to MongoDB Certification:

Can't finish the basic course because of an error?

No they are different issues
One user not able to see the full screen and other user not able to complete the course due to a pending task which can be completed by IDE only

It is not Mongodb certification but course completion confirmation/certificate

Obviously, the idea is to start somewhere as a newbie and scale up to proficiency early enough without being hit by this blockers along the way.
A fix would be great!

Hi @Rutuja_Gole,

Welcome to the MongoDB University forums :sparkles:

The Run Test located at the right bottom of the IDE. If you couldn’t find it, please view it on the full screen of the browser, or do Ctrl - to zoom out the webpage.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kushagra Kesav

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Hey :wave: @David_Onoh,

We investigated and found out it was caused by some network call blocking due to the VPN connection or so. Also, we have shared the troubleshooting steps in the FAQ - M103. Users can refer to these.


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