Not able to access chapter 3

I completed chapter 1 and 2, but not able to access chapter 3. It says chapter 3 and final exam won’t start until 2/12. I understand the course is paced but the course overview seems expecting me to finish chapter 3 and the final exam in the current period. the course overviews show the items completed is 57out of 78. thanks!

Hi Chunli_28691,

Sorry for the confusion it caused you. It was not the intention. We have recently launched Overview section to better display the progress of the course.

That’s absolutely right. The Start Date and End Date will show over the Chapter Description.

Consider the screenshot below:

No, that was not the idea. The Items completed underlined by purple marker, shows the Progress of the course throughout.

Chapter 1 and 2 contains 26 + 31 = 57 items

Chapter 3 and Final Exam contains = 15 + 6 = 21 items

So it shows how many items are completed till now. And it does not mean you need to do it during the same week.

However, we are in progress of launching “Unlockable Feature” which will let you access chapters if you complete the previous chapters. But that is work in progress. :slight_smile: