No virtualization


I have one question, my computer is quite old and my processor doesn’t support virtualization. Is it possible to participate in this course?

Its very difficult without vagrant.

But if you want to try and setup the mongo environment on your own system, you can download the Validation files Download Validation files here.

Let me know if you have questions.


How can I run this validation scripts on Windows 7 x64?

Oh, if you are running Windows, then its not possible for you to run validation files.

Can you check by following these steps here:

Here is what I did. I have a Windows7 SP1 machine.

  1. I downloaded the latest versions of vagrant and virtual box.
  2. I updated poweshell from 2 to 3 using the instructions here:
  3. I enabled the virtualization in the BIOS (on my machine is was under device configuration)

If none of the above works, please share which operating system you are using.


@Krzysztof_04566 I’m not sure what OS you’re on, but I’m on a 2009 IMac which also doesn’t support virtualization, but I’m able to participate with VirtualBox/Vagrant. It’s a bit slow sometimes but I’m able to do everything required so far.

[Edit: Re-read and saw you’re on Windows 7] Re the question though, I believe they expect to be run from within the vagrant VM so I’m not sure if there is a way around that while still effectively participating in the class labs, etc…