No Schema View found

There’s no such thing like a Schema View.
This course seems outdated.

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Hi pkMongoDB,

I am sorry that you are having problems getting to Schema view.
In compass (Stable) edition, preferably the latest version i.e 1.16.1, you will find one “Schema” tab.



I have compass 1.16.3, and their is no Schema view ? should I downgrade ?


Then you have the community edition. Get the correct version from the download link in the course walk through


Please install Stable version of Compass 1.16.3


I am trying to install MongoDB compass 1.16.4 community stable edition from download centre for win10 but as soon as it is launched, it shows dialog box stating "Gathering Information " and it shuts down. Nothing happens. What shall I do now? I have tried it on 3 different machines and same problem persists on all three of them


Please try to install Stable version of Compas edition to have access to new feautures and also with Schema tab where it is not visible with Community version.
And comming to your quesion, you have downloaded MSI file, once you get stuck at this step please go to the compass path in your machine: C:\Users(windows user ame)\AppData\Local\MongoDBCompass and execute .exe file. After that you can see Compass is getting installed successfully.