No puedo instalar compas mongodb

hola, alguna persona me podria ayudar, no puedo instalar el compas de mongodb.
realizace lo que decia el video pero el instalador se inicia y despues de cierra solo y no hace nada mas

Hi Cristo!

Apologies if I got this translation wrong, I used google translate but am posting it here so others might help you if they don’t speak Spanish.

hello, someone could help me, I can not install the mongodb compas. Realize what the video said but the installer starts and then closes alone and does nothing else

Could you provide a GIF or short video of what you’re seeing?


hello mike, I already solved the problem thanks, I only had to install mongodb atlas and from there to do the installation of compas mongodb, besides that I had to execute the .exe of mongodb compas to be able to execute it in a normal way.

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