No primary detected for set Cluster0-ravidbtestatlas-shard-0

I am getting error while connectiong to my created cluster on atlas. Please try to help me.



Hi ravi_44687,

There are few things that you can look for:

  • Check by pinging your cluster url from terminal to check if you can access it. Like:


Interesting, but I am able to connect to the cluster using the below command.

   mongo "mongodb://,," --ssl --username m001-student --password m001-mongodb-basics --authenticationDatabase admin

Please check for ssl issues on your system. Here is the JIRA ticket JIRA ticket that you can check.

Let me know if it does not work.


Thanks for your support. It was mongodb version issue. Now i upgrade my mongodb and it work fine and i also completed my labs before due date. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks . :slight_smile:

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