No output returned when running the validateLab2 method for chapter 1, Lab2

The query runs successfully then I load the validateLab2 method and try running it but it won’t give me any output. The method is running since a long time but still does not give any output. Any help is appreciated.

What did you got as answer when you ran your pipeline?

After typing the query and pressing enter nothing happens but it does not give any error either.

Is this the correct way?

You have to try to run your pipeline like in lab 1 with:

db.movies.aggregate(pipeline).itcount() and the result count should be the same as lab 1.

Make sure you use the aggregations database.

Did you press ENTER at the end of the command validateLab2(pipeline)?

It shows 0, I am not sure why. Is there a problem with my query?

Share the output of running the command


The output is aggregations

Try Japanese rather than Japenese.

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I can’t believe that was the problem. Thanks a lot Steeve!