No output from db.createView() when run with mongo shell

I’m creating views in MongoDB by running a command like this:

mongo mongodb+srv:// --username my-user --password my-password view-content.js

where the contents of view-content.js are as follows:

    [ { $project: {
        "_id": 1,
        "type": 1,
        "title": 1,
        "description": 1,
        "tags": 1,
        "isOfficial": 1,
        "isPrivate": 1,
        "author": 1,
        "provider": 1,
        "completion": 1,
        "createdAt": 1,
        "publishedAt": 1,
        "linkedUsers": 1,
        "linkedAudiences": 1,
        "assignedAudiences": 1,
        "setDuration": 1,
        "cpdCategoryId": 1,
    } } ]

If the view doesn’t exist then it gets created successfully but I get no output from this command either way, regardless of whether the view already exists or not.

If I run the exact same command in nosqlbooster I get an error along these lines if the view already exists:

    "message" : "a view 'my-db.content-service_contents_view-v1.0' already exists",
    "ok" : 0,
    "code" : 48,
    "codeName" : "NamespaceExists",
    "operationTime" : "Timestamp(1589459143, 1)",
    "$clusterTime" : {
        "clusterTime" : "Timestamp(1589459143, 1)",
            "signature" : {
                "hash" : "z2W0lXUrgRtYmzpMWfmMBdRJAxg=",
                "keyId" : "6800465257287385089"
        "name" : "MongoError"

My problem is that I’m running the mongo shell command as part of a longer Ansible playbook and I want to know whether the view was created or not. For example when doing db.getCollection.updateOne() I look for an UpsertedId in the output to see if something changed. I don’t know how to do this when creating views if there is no output at all.