No option to view schema in mongodb compass

I am using mongoDB compass 3.6.11 Enterprise edition and while viewing a collection, I don’t get any option of schema mode.
I just get 4 options namely Documents,aggregations, explain plans and indexes.
Please help!

You might have installed community version of Compass, please go to this url( and install the version which is highlighted in the below screenshot, let me know if that worked for you.

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I installed the version 1.17 and have the same problem, only 4 options I can see.

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I installed MongoDB and Compass some days ago and I have the same problem. I’m going to reinstall it with the link provided because I checked I have the Community edition. I supose the version showed in the window top corner is the server version.
If you need to check your Compass version, you could do it throught the “About MongoDB…” option in “Help” menú.

Hi @Marta_18541,

Please download the latest stable version of Compass. You can download Compass from MongoDB Download Center.

Let me know, if you face any issue.