No fork option in windows!

I just discovered by looking at the discussions, that there is no fork option in windows, after trying for a long time. But then, following through discussions and stack overflow, shows start/b has the same effect! Maybe it would be good if they said so in the lecture, or is this an exercise in searching for answers on one’s own? Makes sense, and works for that purpose!

Hi @WilliamFrank_90755,

Thank you for this feedback!!

I will forward this to our concerned team and ensure to mention unavailability of --fork in Windows OS and provide alternatives available for the same in the lecture notes.


what you’ll discover is that the mongo shell, in the virtual machine is linux - - so in the end you’ll use the --fork a lot when you start spinning up all the replica set nodes… as a Windows person this point was a little confusing at first for me too…

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ahah! very useful. Thanks so much, James. And, as I was suggesting, while no fork in windows dtook me some time to discover, I will remember it better!

Win 10 Pro - it doesn’t work when you’re outputting the startup log to the console (i.e. without the --logpath option). It only works when you redirect the log to a file, i.e. with --logpath.

Although --fork implements fork() in Linux, --fork in actual terms is a mongod option so in real terms start /b "" mongod --logpath "<path>" is not equivalent; it does however give a close enough effect. We’d need to know the internals (i.e. memory allocation with regards parent and child process etc) to understand full equivalence.