No Data Type Specified in Mongo Shell while using Insert Methods

On calling the insertOne() method on a collection for inserting documents, we are able to provide the fields and their respective attributes in the Mongo Shell while Compass GUI has a separate menu for selecting them. Are all the data types defaulted to something specific? and how can we specify data types in the CLI insertion methods (if at all possible)?

(N.B. A trivial observation. In the insertOne() method lecture, when the attribute for the year field was added to the new document while inserting via shell, it was applied a double data type automatically while the remaining attributes were set to be strings.)

I think MongoDB sets the type automatically based on the value provided in the update operation. When using these queries in an application, usually a data model, called a schema, is decided in advance. The schema will have details of what fields a document will have and their types.

Thanks @ilangorajagopal. So if MongoDB sets the data type automatically by picking it up from those specified in the data model, there may be instances (as in events) where a cluster has a diverse set of data types in its schema (which includes close enough ones like float, double, int32, int64) and a field needs to be inserted. How exactly will MongoDB address the problem and can it be known to us that which data type would be selected by default?