No answer to my questions : i don't know if the community is still there?


Maybe I’m asking a stupid questions, sorry I’m a beginner, but i’m sure that’s not the spirit if the community to not answer beginners, because I already had many answers but in another courses, like M103.

I try first to look to the other topics if i found answer to my issues before posting my problem there.

On My latest question, I attached also a link to another discussion which evoke the same issue I have. But no answer also in this discussion.

anyone can answer please to my questions ? Who is the Owner of this M312 room ?

Thank you


Hi @Otmane_77759,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community forums!

I really apologize for the inconvenience caused to due to late response.

I am looking at your question, will respond shortly.

Thanks you for reaching out to us via our community forums! We appreciate your efforts.