New University Labs should be accessible after completion

I had this in one of my previous “problems with new university” posts, but it seems to put many problems in a single post was not a good idea because the problem in the title is still a thing.

Before the “Learn”, we were able to help newcomers with the problems they faced in the labs and onward if they needed because we could easily open those labs and check what could go wrong and advise about solutions. When someone hits a problem, we were around to help.

Now, the labs are lost to anyone who completes a stage in the lab, step by step.

there is no going back, no reset/restart, no redo, or no replay. That is it. Even the resources used in them are lost if a developer “decided” otherwise.

When someone hits a problem, they need to get the attention of an employee which is a limited official human resource. But since Learn is a “free” resource, it is not always easy to get that attention. (if it was a paid service we could squish immediate help, right?)

In other words, Labs are no more a part of the “community”.

In order to make things right (ok, at least “right” as in the sense of “community”), Labs should be accessible after their completion for the community to supply their help.

At least, a “reset lab” option to start fresh would benefit a lot. even though it would require completing steps again, we could test and see any problem at any step (and on any browser) as the community. I am sure you may come up with a better solution, or just do this and allow us to “reset” the labs.

I hope you implement this change pretty soon for the sake of the community.

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Hey @Yilmaz_Durmaz,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I have raised this with the internal team.

Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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