New unit tests for Compass? Looking for ideas on how to contribute

Hi everyone,

I’m anxious to help contributing to Compass in order to improve my weak Javascript and MongoDB skills. I’ve been reading code and poking around various corners of the code base.

It seems to me (and I could be very, very wrong) that the unit tests for Compass are a little sparse. I’d be very happy to help writing unit tests to improve the project. It appears that Compass is using Spectron / WebdriverIO for unit tests.

Are there any experienced developers who could suggest some potential missing unit tests that I could take a shot at?

Appreciate any feedback


Hey @Justin_Hopkins - it’s wonderful that you want to contribute!

I’ll notify the Compass development team and see if they have any suggestions.


Just checking in. Any sugggestions from the Compass development team? Or, could I get in touch with them directly?


Hey @Justin_Hopkins!

Sorry for the delayed response! I did pass it on to the team last week (actually @Stennie_X beat me to it) and this was the response:

Right now Compass is really hard to contribute to. The codebase is split across 50+ repos/modules and even just testing the changes is hard. We are thinking to change that but it’s not something we can do in a couple of weeks

On the other hand, @Massimiliano_Marcon did suggest that it might be possible for someone to pick up his Dark Mode Hack and take that forward. I’d suggest commenting on that PR to see what’s required.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’d love to work on the Dark Mode Hack. Will check it out. Thanks.

Also, is there any publicly available discussion for Compass development? I’ve scoured the mongodb community and can’t seem to find anything.

Compass is mostly developed internally, so I think most discussion happens in the company Slack rather than in the community forum.

If you have specific questions or ideas, the GitHub repo would be a good place to start a discussion.