New to the University Discussion Forums?

Welcome to the MongoDB University discussion forums! The discussion forums are a place to share ideas. Your fellow course participants come from all over the world and it is likely that someone else has asked a question that relates to any problem you might be having. Search the forum discussions to see if help has already been provided. In addition, I will also be helping you in the class.

Here are some tips to help you out:

How to Ask a Question

Select the category:
Make sure you are in proper category to ask a question as it will help everyone to club similar problems together.

And then, it’s easy to click on “New Topic,” type something up, and submit it, but, sometimes, it’s not easy to ask a question in a way that allows your fellow cohort-mates and us coaches to help you as effectively and efficiently as possible!


Here are some tips to get you started with asking awesome questions:

Give us a link, if possible, to the exercise/problem

Even though we spend lots of time on the MongoDB University site, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint a specific exercise in a specific part of a course or lab.

Feel free to ask questions about things outside your course.

As long as your questions are about programming or MongoDB, we’re happy to try to answer them!

Put your code in blocks

Doing this maintains the indentation of your code, making it easier to copy and debug. To put your code in blocks, put three backticks ( ` ) on the line before your code starts and three more on the line after your code ends. You can even add the language that your code is in after the first set of backticks:

``` html
This is <em>really</em> cool!```

This will show up as:

This is <em>really</em> cool!

Use spoiler tags for sensitive code or Answers

Doing this will prevent others from seeing solutions they might not want revealed.

[spoiler] I’m hidden! [/spoiler]

will show up as:

I’m hidden!

Common Mistakes

The Discussion Forum uses Markdown to annotate posts which can cause your code to behave unexpectedly. Here’s what can happen when code is not put in blocks:

  • HTML code is executed ( <b> tags bold text)
  • HTML code disappears
  • Python comments are large and bolded
  • > annotates the text as a quote

Notification Preferences

The Discussion Forum has handy notification preferences that can be set for categories, subcategories, and individual forum threads. The different settings are:

If you ever want to change the notification preferences for the category, subcategory, or thread you’re currently in, here are some helpful shortcuts:

  • m followed by w for watching
  • m followed by t for tracking
  • m followed by r for regular
  • m followed by m for muted

Add Image in your Comment

Whenever you are writing for your new Topic or Comment, then you will see some icons in your Editor, click on icon like Gallery. Click on that and Upload your image.