New friends at MongoDB

Hello friends and MongoDB developers. I’m digging all the shards and enjoy learning about MongoDB. Have now completed a few courses (M001, M131, M201, M220N) and wanted to stop in and introduce myself. Happy to be a part of the community and enjoying my time at University. Also, I had a blast at Mongo World 2022 and may have met some of you in person! Loved the concert! :star_struck:

Will Atwood


Welcome @Will_Atwood1 to the community!

Glad you enjoyed the events so far, and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

We are currently in the middle of rebooting the MongoDB User Groups (MUGs), and I thought you might be interested in meeting your local MongoDB communities. You can find the current list of MUGs in User Groups & Events - MongoDB Developer Community Forums so please join the one closest to you! Hope you’ll have fun.

Best regards