New files from CLI for environments


I just noticed some new files appear when I exported a realm app via the cli.

Are there any release notes about how these environments work, or is it still under development?

It will be great to get this going as currently I have a folder for dev and prod withing the project and have to have a script to run through some of the .json files to turn off scheduled triggers in dev etc.!


Hi Adam,

Thanks for posting your first question and welcome to the community!

I have confirmed with our team that the addition of the “environments” folder in your export is part of a new feature that we are still working on.

At this time the CLI should not read or process any files in this folder so it can be ignored for now. I will look out for new information regarding this feature and circle back around to update this thread with any new documentation that is released.



Great, thanks Manny!

Looking forward to the new functionality.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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This feature is live now. Please see the relevant documentation below: