New article – Using Maps and Location Data in Your SwiftUI (+Realm) App

I’ve just published a post on using Maps + location with SwuftUI.

Embedding Apple Maps and location functionality in SwiftUI apps used to be a bit of a pain. It required writing your own SwiftUI wrapper around UIKit code. Things have got easier for maps at least.

iOS14 introduced the Map SwiftUI view (part of Mapkit) allowing you to embed maps directly into your SwiftUI apps without messy wrapper code.

This article shows you how to embed Apple Maps into your app views using Mapkit’s Map view. We’ll then look at how you can fetch the user’s current location—with their permission, of course!

Finally, we’ll see how to store the location data in Realm in a format that lets MongoDB Realm sync it to MongoDB Atlas. Once in Atlas, you can add a geospatial index and use MongoDB Charts to plot the data on a map—we’ll look at that too.


Interested in this @Andrew_Morgan and thanks for the post.

Is there any way (or future plans) to run geospatial queries directly on a realm?