New article – The Most Useful iOS 15 SwiftUI Features in iOS15

I’m all-in on using SwiftUI to build iOS apps. I find it so much simpler than wrangling with storyboards and UIKit. Unfortunately, there are still occasions when SwiftUI doesn’t let you do what you need—forcing you to break out into UIKit.

That’s why I always focus on Apple’s SwiftUI enhancements at each year’s WWDC. And, each year I’m rewarded with a few more enhancements that make SwiftUI more powerful and easy to work with. For example, iOS14 made it much easier to work with Apple Maps.

WWDC 2021 was no exception, introducing a raft of SwiftUI enhancements that were coming in iOS 15/ SwiftUI 3 / Xcode 13. As iOS 15 has now been released, it felt like a good time to cover the features that I’ve found the most useful.

You can see how I updated some of my apps to use my favorite enhancements in my new article – Most Useful iOS 15 SwiftUI Features.