New article on migrating Apple's Scrumdinger Swift/SwiftUI tutorial app to Realm

Apple published a great tutorial to teach developers how to create iOS apps using Swift and SwiftUI. I particularly like it because it doesn’t make any assumptions about existing UIKit experience, making it ideal for developers new to iOS. That tutorial is built around an app named “Scrumdinger,” which is designed to facilitate daily scrum meetings.

Apple’s Scrumdinger implementation saves the app data to a local file whenever the user minimizes the app, and loads it again when they open the app. It seemed an interesting exercise to modify Scrumdinger to use Realm rather than a flat file to persist the data. So. I wrote “Adapting Apple’s Scrumdinger SwiftUI Tutorial App to Use Realm” to step through what changes were required to rebase Scrumdinger onto Realm.

An immediate benefit of the move is that changes are now persisted immediately, so nothing is lost if the device or app crashes. It’s beyond the scope of this article, but now that the app data is stored in Realm, it would be straightforward to add enhancements such as:

  • Search meeting minutes for a string.
  • Filter minutes by date or attendees.
  • Sync data so that the same user can see all of their data on multiple iOS (and optionally, Android) devices.
  • Use Realm Sync Partitions to share scrum data between team members.
  • Sync the data to MongoDB Atlas so that it can be accessed by web apps or through a GraphQL API