New article: Building a collaborative iOS Minesweeper game with Realm

I wanted to build an app that I could use at events to demonstrate Realm Sync. It needed to be fun to interact with, and so a multiplayer game made sense. Tic-tac-toe is too simple to get excited about. I’m not a game developer and so Call Of Duty wasn’t an option. Then I remembered Microsoft’s Minesweeper.

Minesweeper was a Windows fixture from 1990 until Windows 8 relegated it to the app store in 2012. It was a single-player game, but it struck me as something that could be a lot of fun to play with others. Some family beta-testing of my first version while waiting for a ferry proved that it did get people to interact with each other (even if most interactions involved shouting, “Which of you muppets clicked on that mine?!”).

I’ve described how this app is built in Building a collaborative iOS Minesweeper game with Realm.


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I am playing this game, which is very good. Can you tell me how you create this type of game? Because I am interested to building a game. waiting response. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums @Richard_Gravener1

Yes we can - it’s a great example app and @Andrew_Morgan created a really good article about the process and even included the code as well in the repo.

There’s a link to that article in the above post but here it is again. Give it a read!

Hey there!
Thanks for providing me a link where I learn how to build this type of game. I solute you. Thanks again.

I read a post which you provide this link. I am not understand properly. Can any video tutorial is available. If yes please send me video. Because I want to build my game quickly. Waiting response. Thanks

@Richard_Gravener1 I am not sure what that link is as it’s broken but if you need introductory course on Swift Programming, there’s a number of them available on the internet and Youtube. I am a big fan of Kodek for learning to code from just getting started to advanced topics.

They even have courses on Unity and the Unreal engine!

Good stuff - take a look.

Hello all!
My name is Philip Salt, and I am a beginner developer. I was creating an article builder game that is called Article Tool. But I am facing some issues. When gI click on the open game option so I am redirect backword where I start. If anyone expert here so please tell me what is the problem and how to fix.
I am waiting for your response.
Thanks in advance

If you’re using flexible (rather than partitioned) sync, then this might because your clearing the subscription in your onDisappear function.

Are you able to share (simplified if need be) code for the views in question?

I totally understand how intense gaming can get for our kids! It’s like a whole world of challenges and achievements for them.