Network connectivity issues

Hi there,

Earlier today I’ve been able to connect to the Atlas cluster and all tests from were passing.
At some point, however, I’ve started getting Authentication errors (401) in the application UI, the tests started to fail and eventually, I’ve started receiving the following error

2019-01-13T19:11:59.844-0800 I NETWORK [js] Cannot reach any nodes for set mflix-shard-0. Please check network connectivity and the status of the set. This has happened for 4 checks in a row.

as a response to command:
mongo "mongodb+srv://mflix-*" --username m220student

I’m getting the same error even after I created a new cluster, unfortunately.
I might be missing something obvious, but ran out of ideas.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

ugh, apparently in the IP Whitelist has been causing the connectivity problem. As soon as I switched it back to, the problem stopped reproducing itself.


Земеля,как тебя найти в вк?)