.Net SDK in Linux

Hi, anyone can help in locate examples and step by step install and running Realm .Net in Linux desktop distribution ?

thanks in advance

Hi Sergio,

more specifically are you thinking about a .Net5 console application, a desktop application, say through AvaloniaUI or Uno, or something else?

.Net5 console application. Models are .Net standard 2.0 shared with Xamarin Forms. I never used Uno and AvaloniaUI, if you know examples i appreciate.

Thanks for attention

For .Net5 applications, you’d just import realm as a dependency as you’d usually do for any other .Net project:
dotnet add package Realm
dotnet add package Realm.Fody
You can read more about this here.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge we have never tried any “non-Microsoft” UI framework; meaning we make sure our SDK works with Xamarin and UWP. But it also works with WPF, WinForms.
This doesn’t mean you can’t try unsupported frameworks, but there’s no guarantee from our side that it’ll work. And if it doesn’t work you’d be on your own.

I hope this helps.

Thanks , one more question, you anyone test .Net Realm under webassembly ?

WASM is currently not supported by any realm SDK. However, we are doing an exploratory spike around adding support for it. More will be known in the future.

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