.NET Driver Version 2.13.0 Released

.NET Driver Version 2.13.0 Release Notes

This is the general availability release for the 2.13.0 version of the driver.

The main new features in 2.13.0 include:

  • Load-balanced mode for Atlas Serverless
  • Versioned MongoDB API for Drivers
  • Implemented change stream oplog parsing code for delta oplog entries
  • Snapshot reads on secondaries
  • Support for creating time-series collections
  • Permit dots and dollars in field names
  • Improved error messages from document validation
  • Better ExpandoObject support
  • estimatedDocumentCount() now uses the $collStats aggregation stage instead of the count command
  • Reduced lock contention in BsonSerializer.LookupActualType
  • slaveOk connection string option removed; use readPreference instead

The full list of JIRA issues that are resolved in this release is available at:


Documentation on the .NET driver can be found at:

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