Need to filter on a number (exact) and avoid using $match

As the doc says here :

It’s not recommanded to use a $match in a $search query because it can drastically slow down query results.

In my case, I need to filter on a number field so I am using a compound search like this :

        $search: {
            "compound": {
                "must": [{
                  "text": {
                    "query": "war",
                    "path": "plot"
                "filter": [{
                  "range": {
                    "path": "year",
                    "gte": 1980,
        $project: {"title":1,"year":1,"countries":1,"plot":1}

As you can see I want to filter my movies released only in 1980, so I’am using a range filter with gte=lte=1980.

It’s the only way I found to do this without using a $match stage (that ideed, decreases the perf), but I think this is not very elegant.

Is there another way ?

Thank you.

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Hi there, PM from Atlas Search here! This query looks great to me! You could also use Equals in place of the range.

That’s not what’s written in the docs :

The equals operator supports querying boolean and objectId values.

Here, I want to query a number field. If I replace range with equals it crashes.

Right, that is my mistake, I glazed over that limitation. In that case the way you have it written is good.

Feel free to vote for this as a feature if that is interesting to you: The equals operator should support numeric datatypes – MongoDB Feedback Engine

We are considering it in the near future.

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