Need to allow multiple ldap users to access DBvisualizer client tool

I downloaded the BI connector and in mongosqld.conf file, need to allow access to multiple ldap users instead of single user.

    uri: xxx
      username: xxx
      password: xxx
      source: xxxx
      mechanism: xxxx

Is there any other way to provide access to multiple users to DBVisualizer client tool

Welcome @Vallikannu_Arumugam,

The details in mongosqld's net.auth configuration are for Admin Authentication to a MongoDB deployment. These credentials must provide read-only access to the the superset of data you wish to query via the connector.

User Authentication is configured in the security section of the configuration file. See Security Options for more details on available configuration settings.


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Thanks for the help! In this document, under Client Authentication for LDAP, I see an example like this:
To authenticate as user grace with the LDAP ( PLAIN ) authentication mechanism, write the username in this format:
So, where this should be added, in configuration file under security or in other place? Is it possible to authenticate multiple LDAP users by using this same format or only single user?