Need Recomendation Data Model

Hello friends

I’m currently working in the architect team, and I’ve encountered some problems when accessing the MongoDB Atlas database using the MongoDB Compass,
if I access a collection with an array of thousands of data, then the collection cannot open.

any suggestions, how many arrays can be stored in 1 document?
Below is an example of the array I’m using. for now, the data array in 1 document is 1000-2000 data :
Sample document format

  "_id": "SJ0001",
  "nikPic": "0001",
  "namePic": "John",
  "Polic Number": "B12345",
  "pendingItemHandover": true,
  "items": [
      "airWaybill": "10001",
      "bookId": "TKAA-10001",
      "isHandover": false
      "airWaybill": "10002",
      "bookId": "TKAA-10002",
      "isHandover": false
  "itemsCount": 2,
  "createdBy": "0001"

Thank you, sorry if there is a misspelling of words or the wrong topic