Need help migrating from mgo.Session(global-sing package) to mongo.Client (mongo-driver)

Hi Guys ,
This is karthick working as a software developer . Currently we are in the process of migrating our old mongo driver (global sign) to mongo-driver.

We are migrating from mgo.session(old) to *mongo.Client now .

In the old package that we were using we had a method called copy() in *mgo.Session which clones and gives us back the client details .

We maintain an interface like below and we don’t want to change the same structure or else we will have to do many changes in the service code .

Old Interface according to *mgo.Session mgo package - - Go Packages

type Session interface {
   Copy() Session
   SetMode(consistency mgo.Mode, refresh bool)
   DB(name string) DataLayer

Do we have similar method like Copy() in mongo-driver’s *mongo.Client which we can replace in that place for cloning ? So that we can map that to our interface .

I do not see any method under the *mongo.Client which gives us back the client details . Or is there any other way that we can get back the client properties ?

Can Anyone please help me with this ?