Need help in viewing the total count of documents after filtering in mongo db

just now I have learnt about filter concept in MongoDB compass and find method in the shell.

in the shell, there is an option to see the total count as well as the count of documents after a find method using the count() function.

Like that do we have any provision to see the total count of records with the count of filtered records in MongoDB compass?
right now it shows like this in compass in documents tab " Displaying documents 1 - 2 of 2"
but I want it to show as such
"out of 10 filtered 2 documents selected 1 - 2 of 2 "

please tell me if this is possible. what should I do to get the above details?

kindly note :
I don’t want to navigate to the “Explain Plan” tab to see the count.

It’s right there above the results :smiley:


Ah, hang on, I misunderstood your request.

You want to include the total amount of records in the collection as well. No, that’s not in there.