Need help in setup

Dear folks,

I have installed both virtual machine and vagrant as mentioned. However, I am not sure, how to co-relate the both of these. Meaning, there is no steps mentioned how to use virtual machine to call the vagrant.

I am using windows-10.

What I need to do next, last 4 to 5 days trying to find.

Here are the actions I did:

  • Downloaded & installed Virtual Box
  • Installed vagrant
  • Installed MinGW and restarted the system
  • downloaded the

Like to know, how to connect vagrant through virtual box? do we need to download Linux or Ubuntu?

Please help me to get proceed further.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

hope this will help

This took me a minute. I was originally trying to run Virtual Box on my Ubuntu, which is already a type of VM itself. Now I’m back on the Windows side and appears to be working.
You may have to allow use of virtualization in your windows BIOS settings

Then you can through the command line (cmd) and navigating to the folder where you installed the files using cmd commands like dir, cd [filename], etc.

My previous attempts were still running, so the following fixed that:

vagrant halt
vagrant up --provision

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