Need help in inserting multiple documents using compass

Just now i have learnt on how to insert multiple documents using mongo db shell.
Thought to do the same in compass to check the ordered and unordered concept and i
am not able to find any keys/windows to insert multiple documents together. Need assistance.


Compass does not support inserting many documents at once at this time.
Here is the doc mentioning it:



Hi Santhosh_50358,

As daniel mentioned, we cannot insert many documents at once using compass.

But if you want to import the collection or you have json/csv of documents that you want to insert it, just follow the steps:

  1. Click on any collection that you want to import data to.

  2. Then, click on “Collection” menu link as shown

  3. Click on Import data and select JSON or CSV depending on the format of data that you have.

  4. Click on Import

Hope it helps!