Need Details of values listed in schema. filter lesson 1.6

I am excited to go over the lessons and the step by step details. Still It looks like the ‘University MDB’ wants to keep the video files short for many reasons.

I need clarity on the below image. On the marked square backets I have underlined two fields and I am not sure what the values represent in Geo-spacial data. I can understand {"$geowithin", {"$centersphere" and 0.015676} is the geo location/location center of sphere/radius of the sphere.Tutor didn’t specify, -66.xx, & 18.xx what they represent. Any idea :thinking:


TIA for reading.

Please check this

The following query would return documents from the places collection within the circle described by the center [ -74, 40.74 ] with a radius of 100 miles:

db.places.find( { loc: { $geoWithin: { $centerSphere: [ [ -74, 40.74 ] ,
100 / 3963.2 ] } } } )

Appreciate your early response, Ramachandra_37567.

I was just reading the manual and figured out they are Longitudes and Latitudes to specify in the same order. Again your link would certainly help other reading this post.