My partion stop syncing after adding data

Hello everyone.
I meet a problem with my app, if someone could help me.

All my partions were syncing correctlly during a period of time. After adding some data in one syncing collection from atlas, that collection stop syncing. Even data that were visible with realm studio, nothing is visible now.

When I open my device with android studio, realm studio see the collections but there is no data in that particular collection.

Is there a recommendation about adding data in syncing collection from atlas and realm?
Please, can someone help me find a solution?
Thank you all.

Hi, can you send the URL of your application, it will look something like this and then I can see what might be going on. Additionally if you can provide any of the following that would be helpful:

  1. Link to a specific log message for a client connecting
  2. The partition value / a link to the client syncing on that particular partition
  3. Which collection is having issues?