My mongodb connection is taking much longer about 1minute to connect

Hey guys i’m facing a problem connecting mongoDB database and graphql server
together and mongodb is taking so long to connect.

here’s my server.ts code

import { createServer } from "@graphql-yoga/node";
import { MongoClient } from "mongodb";
import typeDefs from "./graphql/schemas";
import resolvers from "./graphql/resolvers";
const process = require("dotenv").config();

const uri = process.env.MONGODB_URI;
const client = new MongoClient(uri);

client.connect((err) => console.log("db is connected"));
const db = client.db("connect");
const users = db.collection("users");
const chats = db.collection("chats");
const messages = db.collection("messages");

const server = createServer({
  schema: {
  context: {

i’m using chats, users and messages collections as context and those are derived after db is connected but db connection is taking much longer and the issue is my server is started before the db is connected

i wanna know why mongodb is taking so long to connect or is there any other way to connect db and start the server. i tried chaining .then on client.connect() but mongodb is taking about a minute to connect. any help would be appreciated.

This is very odd: is it possible that your ISP or network connection has serious challenges reaching the cloud provider region you’ve deployed your Atlas cluster in? Is the issue ongoing? I recommend opening a support case.

By the way what framework are you using for the GraphQL server? are you sure the delay is between that server and the Atlas cluster?