Multiple .config file not sure how to delete

Hi , I am getting multiple .conf files , Can anyone please helpe me

Depending on your lab your IDE presents the required config files
What lab are you doing?
If you are setting up replica you need 3 config files to start 3 mongods on different ports/dbpaths etc

I am trying to following lab
Chapter 2: Replication

Lab: Deploy a Replica Set


It looks like you might have use a command like vi or cp to create configuration with some typo (m vs n) in their name. The files momgod_3.conf and momgod_2.conf are not supposed to be there. You may delete them with rm. Make sure you do not delete the files that were there when you started the IDE.

However, keeping them should not make any harm so I would not take the risk of removing the wrong files.

Make sure you edit the correct files with the Code Editor pane. Make sure you use the correct files when you start your mongod instances.

Thank you so much for your help

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